2014 photo by Sander Ilvest
Aarne Trei (1944 - 2018) was a brewer from Saaremaa, who has promoted Koduõlu tradition and has been an active brewer through the decades.
He started to learn brewing at the age of 14 when the young boy was given a task to help his family by bringing brewing water from the well. Through time his involvement increased, leading to official brewing activities and establishing of brewing enterprises through the different state orders and legislations. 
When Aarne Trei was production engineer at Pihtla juice and meats cannery, in 1988 beer production was initiated in the facility. In 1990 AS Taako was formed with business partners to produce beer in former juice production facility with equipment that was available. In 1998 Aarne succeeded to register first Saaremaa farmhouse ale production standard with Estonian food office for his company at the time - OÜ Klipsi. In 2015 Aarne and Andrus Viil established OÜ Pihtla Pruulikoda with focus to Saaremaa Koduõlu production. In 2023 Pihtla Pruulikoda reorganized to Saaremaa Pruulikoda.

Beer researcher Lars Marius Garshol visited Aarne´s brewery in 2015, see blog entry:
Aarne Trei, a koduõlu veteran | Larsblog (garshol.priv.no)

Historical outook via written media:
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Eesti esimene saare taluõlu standard
 (1988) Estonia's first standard for Saaremaa koduõlu given to the business of Aarne Trei
2002 Aarne Trei measuring wort at his brewery in Pihtla, Saaremaa
(2002) Aarne Trei measuring wort at his brewery in Pihtla Saaremaa.